Our Professional Painting & Decorating Services include:

  • All interior and exterior decoration
  • Domestic and Commercial painting and decoration projects
  • Wallpaper hanging

How we Prepare for Wallpapering:

  • All your furnishings and surrounding areas are protected with dustsheets
  • If required old wallpaper is removed
  • Cracks are filled and walls made ready for paper
  • If needed lining paper is hung
  • Wallpapering work starts

Exterior Services includes:

  • Painting and decorating
  • Woodwork-removing paint coatings which are flaking, bubbled or unstable
  • All surfaces will be washed, sanded until smooth and filled with wood filler.

We can also help you with:

  • Choosing colours for your home, advising on paint finishes and wallpaper types
  • Choosing only quality materials, best and honest advice on any aspect of painting or decorating.

Interior Services includes:

  • Floor painting
  • Woodwork-sanding,filling,priming,applying undercoat, painting.
  • Plastering – in conjunction with our recommended plasterer Stephen Fay Tel: 078344 56280 www.getplastered.net